Chevrolet Camaro was launched on 28th June 1966 with a goal to beat the Ford Mustang. Both are neck to neck rival to become ‘King of American’s Muscle Car’. In June 2016 Camaro celebrated its 50th birthday and Camaro came on the road with start of the first pilot prototype (known as No. 10001).

1- It has the code name ‘Panther’

Original Camaro’s development program had codename ‘Panther’. Although Chevrolet intended to give a name which starts with ‘C’ to its Mustang rivals like Chevelle, Corvette, the car enthusiast press knew the car as Panther when it was introduced.

2- Before its debut, there was almost a station wagon version

Camaro launched on June 28, 1966, but Chevrolet introduced Camaro’s station wagon version just three months ago in March 1966.

3- Many 1970 Camaros were secretly 1969’s models

In 1970 because of production headaches stamping the Euro-inspired sheet metal to get to the new second-generation Chevrolet Camaro, so production of 1970’s model was delayed four months. Ithat time Chevy continued to build 1969 Camaro as 1970 model. And later when that problem solved, officially real ’70 Camaro arrived in the market.

4- Camaro had seven engine options when it arrived in the market

When Camaro hit the market, then it had seven different engine options. Compare it to today it can be three, four or as u count. For one of those options, you had to use an ordering code which known as Z/28 and around just 602 people ordered that Z/28 Special Performance Package for their Camaro.

5-  First Camaro’s cost the US $2,572 and you can buy ’17 Camaro to sell ’67 model

Debut Camaro’s base price in 1967 was nearly $2,572. And now this cost is not enough to buy some RS appearance package with some add-ons. US’ The National Automobile Dealers Association said, average value of 1967 Camaro today is approx $26,100!! And brand new 2017 Camaro base model costs $25,700 in the US.

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6- Wind Tunnel Testing

To optimize the design for cooling and aerodynamic efficiency of ’16 Camaro, engineers spent over 350 hours in the wind tunnel with that car.

7- Camaro’s sales were on the peak in 1979

The late ’70s and early ’80s was the golden era for Chevy Camaro and 1979 was the car’s best selling year ever. 282,571 Camaros left the showroom in that duration and nearly 85,000 of those were Z/28 version.

8- Built to dominate the race track

Chevy Camaro is built to dominate at the race track. Bill Jenkins helps establish the car’s racing reputation in the NHRA Pro Stock class at 1970. A car also has many successes in the NASCAR and Xfinity series.

9- Camaro has six different body styles

Since its debut, Camaro gets six different body styles. It began as a classic muscle car evolved to a clear European influence for the second generation in 1970. That car was a template for every Camaro’s style until 2002. In 2010, stylists returned to the themes and proportions of the original first gen car.

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10- Hollywood brings back the Camaro

In 2010, Transformers movie released and no one would have thought that a sci-fi movie of alien robot transforms them into cars, and of a beat-up ’69 Camaro but later it transformed in enticing 5th gen model. Transformers movie re-ignites passion among car lover for the Camaro again.