Automakers always try to make the best car or at least good car in its category or range, so they try something new or weird thing to make it different and good but sometimes that factor ruin the car or its capability. Buying the new car is the exciting experience but after some months it can give a headache to drive or maintain. Or some really bad cars have a low-quality interior which feels cheap and can make you to regretting.

If people know about these things when they are buying a car then mostly they avoid those cars, But however, there are some cars that people still buying those cars which got bad reviews, score or critics from people about its down points.

It doesn’t matter which automaker it is, even BMW, Mercedes have made those bad cars and it got bad critics from the experts and peoples. Known for gorgeous designed cars, Italian Maserati also has listed its name in bad cars list and known for good reliability and competitively priced cars Nissan made cars which are possible to avoid to buy.

Here are 10 bad cars that received inferior standing, but consumers are however getting them in their garage.

1- Fiat 500L

Fiat 550L

Photo by AlBargan on / CC BY-ND

Fiat has made many bad cars, but Fiat 500 became popular while so Fiat made its larger version, Fiat 500L. It is made as the practical wagon with 1.4 liters turbocharged 160 hp but it suffers from turbo lag and sluggish transmission. And its retro-styled mini MPV design probably fails to attract anyone. Its previous model sold well and the newer model is also going ok, but it has many downsides like it doesn’t have many features compared to its rivals have. Its fuel economy is below average and its handling and riding experience is most unimpressive. It’s interior also not well built and it looks ridiculous and lack of functions. So there are many other alternatives to driving, even Fiat 500 and 500X are the better deals than their larger version 500L.

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2- Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey


Dodge Journey is a low priced three-row crossover but most people found the third row nearly useless. The journey is slower because of it has some more weight. Its transmission is not smooth to shift and because of it, the powertrain is twitchy. It’s design looking aged and outdated now and missing some latest safety technology, which this vehicle should have. Its build quality is also poor and styling is making you to a yawn, but somehow Dodge is building it and selling it in some ok numbers. Its reliability is also not scored well and many parts are not long lasting to maintain vehicles life, most review from auto websites showing that Dodge Journey should avoid because of its worst reliability. It’s great plus point is it is the least expensive third-row crossover.

3- Nissan Versa / Sunny

Nissan Versa

photo credit: RL GNZLZ Nissan Versa 1.6 Sense 2013 via photopin (license)

Nissan Versa (In some country it is known as Nissan Sunny) is one of the cheapest cars in the market and it is probably cheapest sedan. With a very low price, it’s interior and exterior feels the inexpensive plastic design is not boring. It comes with basic car features and comfort for who just want a car without spending much money. It is a good option for affordable transportation but please, don’t expect any safety concern because it has very low score about it. But anyways it is comfortable for rear-seat passengers which is surprising. And another plus is its fuel economy is good enough. This car just means for transportation with some more space and little good comfort at a very low price, but even it’s higher trim is not have a good score in safety, performance and features.

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4- Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

Photo by JLaw45 on / CC BY

This tiny and kinda cute Mitsubishi hatchback received bad ratings from everywhere. It is a budget-friendly car with a very low price but it is not enough to make it a good car. It’s interior looking ridiculously cheap and little unspacious for adult sittings. Mitsubishi Mirage is cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, cheap to drive but its engine is ribbed compare to its rivals. Its CVT transmission is awful and making Mirage worse. It is built to keep on focus on a budget, so it has many flaws in design and engineering. Its paint finish is also not done everywhere because save some money and make cheaper. The only good thing about Mirage is its price is very competitive, but the better deal is buying any used good car.

5- Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Photo by David Villarreal Fernández on / CC BY-SA

Nissan Leaf was best selling the electric car of all time. This car helped to realize people that electric car can be alternative to traditional engine vehicles. Actually, this car mostly received good reviews in durability, technology and driving but its range is not well than any other electric cars. And even it consumes long time to charge and there aren’t many fast charging options. So for a long trip, this car is not suggested because of its range and charging capability and mostly it had range 40 to 75 miles in different driving testings. So just for city ride, it might be in use but for long trip better to get other electric cars which already giving range up to 300 miles or more.