Automakers always try to make the best car or at least good car in its category or range, so they try something new or weird thing to make it different and good but sometimes that factor ruin the car or its capability. Buying the new car is the exciting experience but after some months it can give a headache to drive or maintain. Or some really bad cars have a low-quality interior which feels cheap and can make you to regretting.

If people know about these things when they are buying a car then mostly they avoid those cars, But however, there are some cars that people still buying those cars which got bad reviews, score or critics from people about its down points.

It doesn’t matter which automaker it is, even BMW, Mercedes have made those bad cars and it got bad critics from the experts and peoples. Known for gorgeous designed cars, Italian Maserati also has listed its name in bad cars list and known for good reliability and competitively priced cars Nissan made cars which are possible to avoid to buy.

Here are 10 bad cars which are in the category of “Luxury Cars” that received inferior standing, but consumers are however getting them in their garage.

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1- Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

Photo by JLaw45 on / CC BY

Maserati is known for beautiful cars like other Italian automaker doing, Ghibli is one of those cars but however, it fails on some points to make a good deal. It is a luxury sedan but its ride quality is not smooth and exhaust can be noisy too much even its have competition with BMW 6-Series, Audi A7, and Mercedes CLS Class and it is a bit pricey than these cars. Its gear shifting is notchy and transmission feels economical while Ghibli costs nearly to Mercedes S-Class. Inside, its interior is somewhat not disappointing you, but it has smaller space and boots compared to its rival. Its average handling making unsettle ride which is making question mark on Ghibli that it is really the luxury sedan.

2- BMW X6


Photo by RL GNZLZ on / CC BY-SA

On the road, BMW X6 is a Monster size car but inside it doesn’t have that big space for 5 adult sitting which is ridiculously shocking. There are lots of people like this car but even lots people hate this car because it’s looking huge and it is ugly for some. This car’s body style is not for everyone and exactly can’t say what is it? It was defined as SUV Coupe, but it is looking like the SUV size large hatchback, some consider only SUV, it is Sports Coupe for someone and many more opinions out there. Because of its body style, visibility of rear window is horrific. It has a tall body and makes some issue on high speed. Generally, it got good reviews but from BMW, it could be made a far great X6 from this unique or undefine designed X6.

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3- Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Photo by landrovermena on / CC BY

Land Rover got the slot in an “Unreliable car brands”. LR Discovery Sport is beautiful from outside but maybe some people don’t like it. It’s interior looking plain and simple, however, it is not entry level just SUV. Discovery Sport is the impressive off-road car and good at its versatility but it is looking overpriced in its class. It has unresponsive transmission and fuel efficiency could get better. Its good in comfort for four adults and even for five adults too, but as it got mentioned it is 7-seater SUV, then it is too much seven for the car. It is getting more pricey with some options and maybe you can’t want to drive without that things. It is kinda heavy so its fuel economy is not as your desire. In short, there are some better alternatives than Discovery Sport.

4- Smart ForTwo

Smart ForTwo

Photo by Seluryar on / CC BY-SA

Smart ForTwo is a tiny, purposeful city car. Built for easy communicate with fuel efficiency in the dense streets of the cities and make day-to-day life easier. New 2018 ForTwo is bolder and slightly bigger but still, have many undesirable compromises. ForTwo is city car but its driving experience is not pleasant and feeling pretty jerky in traffics. Car’s tiny wheelbase making nervousness on wheels. Its driving and handling are might be a terror on the streets. It has zero safety ratings because of very few safety features. It is nice for two people for basic transportation but there are some other cars in less or nearly price which is fine for four people and have some better ratings in safety than ForTwo.

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4- Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Photo by RL GNZLZ on / CC BY-SA

CLA is Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level sedan and has some decent looks. But some trims have unrefined engine and transmission and cheap looking interior. Back seats are small and have less space for adults. Its ride and engine are noisy, bumpy and stiff. Hard to use infotainment system and controls than other its rivals but its a luxury car for the tight budget then even you shouldn’t get a compromise for some things. CLA is basically the Merc A-Class with a boot but A-Class is cheaper and better than CLA and not crampy feels like CLA doing. CLA nearly priced to the base model of BMW 3 Series, so BMW 3 series or its elder sibling C-Class are worth choices and there’s Kia Stinger in the same range. Audi’s A3 is a direct rival of CLA and it has better interior and driving experience.