Are you ready for Zombie Apocalypse? Lol, It’s not gonna to happen in near future.

From movies, TV shows and games there is interest or curiosity is increasing about the Zombie Apocalypse. There are many tools to survive in such situation. But the essential thing is survival vehicle or vehicle that may give you chance to fight with it. That machine is not should be a normal sedan, SUV, and van or that wheels who is trying to save our planet earth like Prius or any Tesla. You need something capable, in fact, something badass to fight with it.

Here are 6 vehicles which are different from other normal vehicles or road machines to fight the zombie apocalypse.

Devel Sixty 6×6 SUV

Devel Sixty 6x6 SUV

Recently in Dubai Motor Show, Devel introduced Devel Sixty 6×6 hardcore SUV and Devel is the manufacturer who will put in a production the 5000 hp V16 hypercar, Devel Sixteen. Devel Sixty 6×6 is really the badass(est) SUV ever and undoubtedly it helps to survive the apocalypse. Its driver side door opens up like a privet jet’s door. It has night vision display and military grade tires to go any kind of terrain. This $450,000 monster will have 6.7-litre diesel V8 engine which can produce 720-bhp under the bonnet. This so much power is enough to fight back and survive.

Hyundai Zombie Survival Vehicles

Hyundai Zombie Survival vehicle

Hyundai made zombie survival car versions of Elantra Coupe, Tucson, and Veloster. Hyundai added some amazing tools and things in vehicles and made them zombie proof. That coupe has custom zombie plow with damage inducing spikes, armored windows, weaponry in the trunk, floodlights located in both the front and back, spiked all-terrain tires, CB radio system for communication with other survivors and more things to protect against zombies.

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Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6

Mercedes Benz’s 6×6 version of G63 AMG is really the beast even in its stock version. This 6×6 is capable of transportation on any road or off-road. It has 5.5-liter AMG V8 engine to produce 536 bhp power. This AMG beast has the military-grade equipment and capabilities but its production is limited. This 6×6 machine has beautiful interior and much comfort for driver and passengers for all time, so what better to escape from zombies in a luxurious way?

Conquest Knight XV

Conquest Knight XV

Conquest Knight XV is a true ultra-luxurious tank-like monster and it is very limited in numbers, only 17 in the world. This is fully armored luxurious SUV. Some interesting things like commercial-grade air ride suspension, 360-degree roof mounted, front power windows, searchlights with joystick control. It also has night vision cameras and bulletproof armor, so it does not matter if the road is full with zombies or they are firing on you with AK-47, this SUV will get you to escape from them on safe destination, it is perfect SUV in such condition.

Ripsaw EV2

Ripsaw EV2

Do not want to give a chance to the apocalypse? Ripsaw EV2 tank is here. This is not a war machine, but its a personal peacemaker tank. This is not only a tank, This is ‘luxury super tank’ and it is one of the fastest and capable tanks. This vehicle has 12 inches of suspension travel, 600 diesel horsepower, and chunky, zombie-squishing treads. Ripsaw EV2 don’t have stick controls like war tanks, it has a steering wheel so it is easy to drive it. Stay in luxury comfort inside and crush the zombies out.

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Pal-V One

 Pal-V One

Zombies can run on the street but they can’t fly!! Oh yes, u can fly with Pal-V One. In few minutes this two-seater, three-wheeled vehicle transformed into a Gyro-copter. It can fly below 4000 ft and with full fuel tank, it can fly up to 315 miles. It can go up to 112 mph in the air or on the land. There are some rules of aerodynamics is exist which helps to this vehicle to safely pilot down to the ground if something has gone wrong or stop the engine in the air. Don’t crush the zombies, go fly away from them!!!!