VW, Ford, Fiat, Honda and some other few automakers were leading Hot-Hatch segment, but recently Hyundai introduced its i30 in the powerful version with “N” tag. Hyundai is known for affordable, reliable and good value cars with stunning looking design language, but it is want to bring change with i30 N. And surely it will going to be truly reliable performance machine to compete with VW Golf GTI, Ford Focus RS, and Honda Civic Type R.

Here are 10 things you need to know about this Korean Pocket Rocket.

1- Hyundai’s first true high-performance car

Hyundai already has made sports coupe and Veloster for track and road both, but with a 2.0-litre engine with 247 and 271 bhp power (car have 2 versions as well) is the first true high-performance car of Hyundai. Its turbocharged engine delivers 353 Nm torque on 1450rpm. With it, Hyundai now has sub-division of performance vehicles like BMW’s M, Mercedes’ AMG.

2- i30 is the first model of a series of N models

i30 is not the only model of N from Hyundai, but it is the first car of N. Hyundai also bringing Veloster with N tag and more cars will have come in this division. There are some possibilities that i20 may come in N model with likely 1.6-litre engine.

3- N stands for Namyang and Nurburgring

N is not meaningless, it stands for ‘Namyang’, and it is the place where Hyundai Motor’s global R&D center is located. Here all the high-performance N models are designed and born here. And even N stands for famous German track ‘Nurburgring’ which is the most grueling racing track in the world for inspections and testing for cars.

4- It has two versions of N

i30 N is offering two versions with different power options. Both have the same engine but have different power. One model is with 247hp and another can generate 271hp power. Both have same torque output of 353Nm too.

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5- Car is inspired by the i20 rally car

Hyundai started N programme in 2014 with i20 to entering the World Rally Championship. That i20 had all-wheel drive, the sequential gearbox with the 1.6-liter engine, so this car was different from other Hyundai cars and it nearly was performance hatch. Albert Bierman headed up the development of i30 N who was got inspire by i20 rally car and promises the i30 N will cope with several hard laps on the track without any race car modification.

6- Car is full of much handy technology with safety

i30 N have great performance and dynamics but a car is also featured with the latest technology. Beautiful interior with touchscreen system, Bluetooth support and connectivity, Apple Carplay and Android Auto. You can use wireless charging pad for mobiles and Live services like weather and traffic updates, speed camera locations too.

7- i30 N Fastback is on the way!!

i30 N will get its similar sibling in fastback form. Fastback may have the similar engine and power hatchback and it is looking like slightly bigger. Fastback could come with the noticeable rear spoiler, beefed up wheels, large air intakes and sportier bumpers.