Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker Tesla is giving many surprises in sequences, and it’s co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has not been shying about reveal anything about Tesla or any Tesla Vehicle. The company is really bringing revolution in electric cars and its most affordable EV Model 3 gained lots of attention around the world.

1- The base model doesn’t drive itself

The base model is costing $35,000 and it doesn’t feature with autonomous driving. You have to pay more $8,000 to get enhanced autopilot and self-driving capable Model 3. As Tesla, maybe in beginning, you won’t get that feature, it will be available in future, because of software development or extensive validation and regulatory approval.

2- The front end may look better

Multiple people expressed, shall we say, distaste for the Model 3’s front end, which vaguely resembles Donald Duck after being punched in the bill. Musk replied that Tesla is still refining the front face of Model 3.

3- Bigger trunk, can fit almost anything

Model 3’s trunk is not a tiny as several people were unhappy with saying to its small cargo bay door. But in reality, its trunk is bigger and will fit a bike easily and almost anything else can be fitted.

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4- Its cost is not really $35,000

Model 3’s starting price as declared is $35,000, but there are some or many things can be add in a car and average its price go to $50,000. Tesla itself expect its price on transaction over $40,000.

5- There will be a ‘Vegan Leather’ option

Elon Musk admitted on the Twitter that he is also concerned with soul, Tesla Model 3 will be opted for leather to vegan as ‘Vegan Leather’, who don’t like to hurt animals and love animals.

6- First some Model 3s will have few options

Elon Musk has said that earlier made Model 3s will have few colors and other option because of this limitations to help Tesla’s all-new assembly line ramp up to full speed and maintain its high-quality production.

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7- Car’s real range might be a surprise

Tesla promised that Model 3’s range will be 215 miles per single charge. When Chevrolet Bolt EV with a similar price of Model 3 can run 238 miles on a single charge. So it is possible that Tesla can improve car’s range and whenever it has more options already which can extend or have longer range.