Most famous versions of BMW cars are the “M” series and most people are aware of it. Whenever anyone remembers the powerful bimmers then obviously M series comes in the mind because BMW M cars gained good reputation and attention as well and stays in limelight.

But there is another company, Alpina is in Buchloe, Germany that assembling powerful sports BMWs like M division of BMW, but it is rare on the road and mostly limited to Germany, some Alpina bimmers for the USA and other few countries. Alpina BMWs could be a better deal than normal BMW or M because it has many ups and it is likely rare to see on.

What is Alpina?

Alpina’s story began in 1962 when Burkard Bovensiepen developed a Weber dual carburetor for the BMW 1500. This carburetor was well received by the automotive press, as well as BMW’s own sales boss Paul G. Hahnemann. In 1964, BMW certified the quality of this Alpina product by awarding BMW vehicles fitted with the Alpina system the full factory guarantee. Alpina tuning and assembling  BMW cars but works with very few models, unlike M.

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Alpina and M divisions

Alpina and M both working with BMW’s cars and both assembled in Germany. But M is the division or sub-brand of BMW because it is overtaken by BMW, while Alpina is an independent company but working with only BMW. Alpine cars’ engines are tuned from the original while M engines are completely modified for the cars.

Alpina focuses on sports but also maintain luxury and elegance while M cars are for hardcore performance and make true “the ultimate driving machine”. So it means if you want performance, luxury and comfort than Alpina bimmers are for you, but if you want hardcore performance on the track and road both than its M bimmers.

Alpina not working on all BMWs like M division is doing. M division is working on all bimmers, 1 series to the X6 but Alpina converts the normal sedans 3, 5, 6 and 7 series. And Alpina is even not every market, so they are fewer than M cars. Alpina has B before the series number, for example, B3, B5, B6, and B7.

2013 BMW Alpina B6

2013 BMW Alpina B6

2013 BMW M6 Coupe

2013 BMW M6 Coupe

What are better things about Alpinas

Alpinas are practical and better suitable for adults and who don’t want too sporty visuals and looks. BMW M cars have sporty look which attracts children and young people who like fins, spoilers, sporty rims on the car. But Alpina is the option for people don’t like fins and spoilers but prefer their performance cars to have the quiet menace of four relatively small-bore exhausts, the classiest of body kits and, perhaps, a subtle coachline down the side.

Alpinas are more exclusive than Rolls Royce and Bentleys. It is more exclusive then it means they are surely cooler than normal and even M BMWs. If you been asked by someone that what you drive and you reply “I drive the Alpine” then surely people will be amazed because there are not more chances they know what is Alpina. In 2016, Alpina sold just 777 cars in Europe, but it doesn’t mean that Alpinas are bad but its rarity is making it more valuable.

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Hot estates are one of the coolest vehicles and many car enthusiasts love it, and fortunately, Alpina offers 3 and 5 series in a sedan and estate body styles. Alpina’s estate BMWs are luxurious, classic and great looking and even you can get coupe and convertibles and 4×4 X3 in Alpina badge.

Alpina has low-volume production but offers the best value for money cars like M cars or even better than it!! But still Alpinas are best-valued BMWs and low selling but great quality cars are giving the owner the exclusive and classical status.

And the most interesting thing about Alpina is they are great looking cars with limited numbers cars on the road earn classic status for it and have great potential to become valuable future classics.

So you are thinking about to have any Alpina or want to stay with M cars? Down it in the comments.