BMW is ready to launch its new car in the series, second generation 8 series. It is a sporty two-door grand touring car. First generation car had lots of prestige and flagship vehicle of BMW. BMW 8 Series will engage in a rivalry with highly successful Mercedes S-Class Coupe but now Audi wants to participate in this rivalry with a new vehicle.

According to Marc Lichte from Audi design, “I love the shape of two-door coupes but it is true that the sales of them are much lower than four-doors cars. In the future who knows? We have many ideas in this direction.”

Audi Prologue concept

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Interesting thing is that already such a car has appeared. Audi Prologue Concept is a gorgeous coupe with incredible Audi A8 kind of luxury and features under the roof and in two doors. It’s not sure if it will be called A8 coupe or A9 or something else but it is sure that this coupe will take much time to come on the market, maybe until 2020. Because Audi has planned to launch other vehicles first. Next-gen Audi A6 and brand new Q8 SUV will come first and later there are A1 and Q3. So don’t accept this coupe soon because Audi already has other plans and will happen step by step.

Audi Prologue concept