Recently Nissan GT-R brutally crashed on the highway in India, and probably it is the saddest thing you have seen today on the internet.

Highway near the Banglore city, Blue Nissan GT-R totaled so badly beyond its repairing possibilities.

Source suggesting that this accident happened while trying to save a pedestrian. The car was on about 150Kph (93 mph) on the road and a kid suddenly appeared to the driver and he tried to avoid to hit the kid but car lost its control wildly and gone off the road. Out of control, GT-R rolled multiple times before came to the last shape.

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Luckily driver of the GT-R was saved without any serious injuries even after car totaled brutally and got extensively damaged supercar. The GT-R was too damaged that it had to be lifted onto the truck by the crane.

Because of high speed, this incident happened and showed that it is dangerous to go at high speed on not so wide roads. 150 kph speed is overspeeding in some dense countries like India and it caused serious crashes often.

That Nissan GT-R was powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine under the hood and it outputs 562 bhp and 637 Nm with 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, as by this variant is avail in India. GT-R can catch 100 kph under 3 seconds and can reach on 315 km/h max.

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