Any car lover or gearhead love cars and know most of the things about cars as possible he/she can. And that person also knows how to spell any car or car brand name. But if you see on the internet, you might find misspelled car names. And one more thing that even car companies named the car with no real spelling, for example, GMC Syclone, Chevy Cruze, Infiniti, don’t know what is the reason behind it but it is. Here are some car names and auto companies, which are misspelled commonly by people.

Car Names

Wrong: Corola, Carolla, Corrola | Right: Corolla

Wrong: Camero | Right: Camaro

Wrong: Toureg, Tourag | Right: Touareg

Wrong: Escelada, Escelade | Right: Escalade

Wrong: Sorrento | Right: Sorento

Wrong: Stringer | Right: Stinger

Wrong: Hurricane | Right: Huracane

Wrong: Boxer, Boxtar, Boxstar | Right: Boxster

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Car Companies

Wrong: Chevorlet, Chevrelet | Right: Chevrolet

Wrong: Infinity | Right: Infiniti

Wrong: Porshe | Right: Porsche

Wrong: Volkswagon | Right: Volkswagen

Wrong: Ferari, Farrari | Right: Ferrari

Wrong: Maybak | Right: Maybach

Wrong: Maclaren | Right: McLaren

Wrong: Lambogini, Lamborgini, And list going on… | Right: Lamborghini