Fisker officially launched its electric car in CES in Las Vegas and it is the high-end electrified luxury car as we already know. Fisker now becomes Fisker Inc, and its designer Henrik Fisker designed Fisker Karma previously but it failed to gain popularity, and now he designed this suicide butterfly doors high-end EV with new rapid charge battery technology.

Fisker EMotion

Fisker claims that a range 400+ miles in a full charge and a full charge takes only 9 minutes. However, Fisker is working on advanced solid-state batteries that could help to give 500 miles of range and take time to charge only one minute. But you need to wait because as Henrik Fisker said that the car would not be shipping for next two years.

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With a base price tag of $129,000, EMotion will take on Tesla Model S and other high-end EVs and designed with butterfly doors like BMW i8, semi-autonomous driving, and sports car curves. The car got ridiculous big 24” alloys, Five seats with rear bench option, optional 27″ curved screen for rear seats.

Fisker EMotion doors

Fisker claims that multiple electric motors can generate 780 horsepower and is capable of 0 to 60 mph under 3 seconds. As you’d expect from a new car in 2018, the Emotion also comes with LIDAR sensors, and Fisker says it ‘supports full autonomy’ with the key word being ‘supports.’ It’s likely that in the next few months at least, the Emotion will be limited to semi-autonomous features such as self-parking, lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control in line with market trends.

Car’s interior feels like a private jet’s cockpit with an ultramodern dashboard and screens. The car has aluminum and carbon fiber body for the low curb weight and high performance on the road or the track. Design of EMotion is likely over-done on a new Aston Martin Vantage but more with a Fisker’s design language taste.

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Already car is getting so much attention after revealed in CES, and when it will be launched it might become serious Tesla rival.

Fisker EMotion