Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis’ sedans got superior reviews and seem like it will give tough competition to Lexus and Infiniti in a luxury segment. Hyundai’s Genesis is not a new word but it is a fresh thing that it becomes a sub-brand and launched G sedans in the market. But this Korean brand wants to game up now and recently this Hyundai’s sub-brand introduced the Essentia Concept at the New York Auto Show 2018, it is just a concept but surely, we all will love to see it on the road.

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Genesis Essentia Concept is the all-electric luxury supercar. This all-electric car has the high-density battery packed powertrain which features multi-motor. It is still in the concept stage but it estimates 0 to 60 miles in just 3 seconds.

Essentia got a transparent hood and it displays under hood things or motoring of the car. It is lightweight all-electric GT and using the classic sports car shape- long hood and short rear. It is getting legendary beautiful butterfly doors. Hood showing that it got carbon fiber chassis making it lightweight and more dynamic in driving.

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It has just two lines in a head light and tail light and it is looking striking and futuristic. The front grill might seem some strange but it has thin lines on the border and making the car more unique. Car’s height is just a 50 inches to make it low and ultra impressive luxurious. But still, Essentia is spacious from inside. This is how Essentia Concept is a lowered, longer, super lightweight, luxurious, all-electric supercar which giving a display of the future automobile.

Interior of Genesis Essentia is full of minimalism. Have few buttons and almost all digital screen control and details. this is what could be a future interior in upcoming cars.

Company aims to launch six new models in the global market by 2021. This concept maybe sighting some things about future Genesis cars, and we hope to see more cars like this on the roads.