Indian automobile designer company DC Design unveiled its second sports car in Auto Expo 2018 at Delhi. DC has made first sports car or coupe “DC Avanti”, which come with Renault powered engine to put India on the sports car map.

Later some years DC TCA debut in Delhi Auto Expo 2018 as a spiritual successor of Avanti, and its name TCA stands for “Titanium, Carbon, and Aluminium”.

DC design’s chairman Dilip Chhabria states that TCA is inspired by the Pagani Zonda and LaFerrari. They have in the mind of the designs of that two cars when they were going to build this car. The TCA is lower, longer and wider than the Avanti and it is based on a modified version of the Avanti platform.

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The TCA is somewhat looking like the facelifted version of DC Avanti, but it is giving more visual impact than its predecessor. Loads of design elements and curves are in the car than the last one. The car is based on Avanti’s platform but it is lower and wider, even looking more aggressive and making a dramatic appeal from every angle. Given the name of the car and the promise of some carbon fiber in here and there, which will help to reduce the weight of the car and will make lighter than Avanti.

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TCA’s interior has red and black dual finishing tone with new dashboard layout, comprehensive touchscreen infotainment system and color instrument display. And the interior is looking like updated than Avanti.

This sports car have the mid-engine layout and have 3.8l V6 petrol (gasoline) engine which is producing 320 HP power. Avanti has 6-speed manual transmission but TCA has been newly developed 6-speed automatic transmission. See the performance side, It can reach on 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in 4.5 seconds. It is not confirmed yet but there’s expectation of top speed will be electronically limited by 200 kph (124 mph).

This sports car will cost around INR 3.9 million (the US $60,560) in India. And even DC said that there will be limited numbers made, only 299. And 60 of them already been pre-sold, and delivery of the car will happen in this October.