British racing carmaker Lister presented a car called the Storm which was powered by 7.0-liter V12 powered engine. It got much success in the racing and now it is coming back.

Lister Cars owner Lawrence Whittaker revealed yesterday via Twitter his company’s plan to bring the Storm back, in the form of a mid-engine supercar dubbed the Storm II.

The UK based this company wants to bring back its hypercar and get competition with Ferrari, Porsche, Pagani and other carmaker’s hypercar.

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Lister is said to be so serious about the hypercar that it has already sought investors to buy into the development of the model. This new hypercar could have a supercharged 7.8-litre V12 engine from Jaguar and generates 1000 horsepower. Lister is aiming 0-60 under 3 seconds and top speed might be more than 250 mph. This hypercar may cost near $2.8 million.

Lister recently launched new car last month named Thunder and it is based on the Jaguar F-Type. And as said Lister, this car got a record number of orders so the company wants some expectations from the real-life debut of Storm II.

Original Lister storm was built in 1993 and got 7.0-liter V12 engine from Jaguar and power of 546 hp and 585 lb-ft torque and car could go up to 208 mph (335 km/h).