British supercar manufacturer McLaren’s growth become noticeable in past few years and 2017 was the best year for McLaren.

In 2017 McLaren sold 3340 cars when in 2016 it was 3286 cars, 54 less. The best sellers among the range remain 2119 Sports Series cars sold which are entry-level cars of the company, comprising 570S coupe and spider versions, 570GT and 540C. The Super Series cars which include only 720S, which 1221 were sold.

North America has 37% part in this sales which is most and became the largest market for the company. In 2018, McLaren seeing that 50% cars will be from Super Series in its sales. And some will be Senna, which will be only 500 built but first some cars will reach customers before 2019.

In late 2016, McLaren built the 10,000th car but as it is growing now, in 2019 there will be built 20,000th.