Denmark’s high performance hypercars maker Zenvo is all set for 2018 Geneva Auto Show. Zenvo announced to unveil its new hypercar in the Geneva in March, and it will be company’s third hypercar after TS1 GT and TSR cars.

Zenvo didn’t say any details about it but it is likely to be a hypercar and will develop a same platform or level of the TS1 GT. And probably it will have at least 1200hp under the hood.

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Zenvo is Danish company and founded in 2004 and its first car ST1’s production began in 2009. Later ST1 became TS1 GT and also became TSR.

New hypercar will have carbonfibre and will come in red color.

CEO of Angela Kashina said, “With everything now in place to launch this fantastic new model in the market, it is hard for us to wait for the Geneva motor show to share this car with the world.”

For more details and update wait for Geneva Auto Show on 6th March.