Volvo’s standalone brand Polestar is independent to create itself a brand. After launching of Polestar become rival of M, RS, and AMG and it is hybrid so its another major rivals are BMW i cars and Tesla. But Polestar seems won’t be a serious rival of them because Polestar¬†1 won’t be available for every country.

Polestar announced that this high-performance gas-electric coupe will not launch in all market initially. US, China is the first to get this coupe and others are Germany, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands. Here will be Polestar space, which is a physical space and an environment where customers can see the car physically before they order it.

Polestar 1

Polestar 1 will launch in few countries but Japan, France, UK or other some major markets and it’s still unclear if it will be available in more markets in the future. And even its not confirmed yet that it ‘Volvo Care’ like subscription service of Polestar with this coupe.

Later these Polestar models will be electric completely unlike this earlier Polestar 1 is hybrid (gas-electric). And subscription service will be beneficial. Already automobile industry getting revolution and the most automakers are bringing new things here.

Polestar 1 Polestar 1 Polestar 1