Czech automaker Skoda did fun at Tesla and Elon Musk with the line of “Don’t panic Elon” to send its sedan lineup’s car Superb on the Mars.

Skoda seems it has the sense of humor. Czech auto company Skoda which is part of world’s largest carmaker group recently released an advertisement. That ad is tagged with “MissionToMars”.

In that ad, Skoda is sending its flagship sedan Superb on the Mars. This third generation Superb was introduced in 2015 and similar to looks like VW Passat or Audi A4. And this first superb car is going on the Mars as we know. 😛

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Actually, the Superb car goes on the Mars is not actual Mars planet. The ad was created for poke some good fun to Elon Musk’s recent achievement which is he sent tesla roadster in the space. This ad was uploaded by Skoda France on the youtube.