Subaru has revealed a model of the VIZIV Performance STI Concept in Tokyo Auto Salon on 12th January. And the concept is indicating that next generations of Subaru STI could be looking like this concept.

Subaru Viziv Performance STI Concept

VIZIV STI builds on the similar basic body of the 2017 concept but now it has an aggressive ground design, Subaru’s oversized rear wing and aggressive bumpers. This design language looking like futuristic and sporty but can see Subaru’s traditional look tho. It gets angular concept an STI makeover.

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Although VIZIV’s power, mileage, and other technical details are still unrevealed bt as the rumors, the car is electrified with all-wheel-drive. The company calls the car “a vision of the future of STI performance” so all are wants to see much from this car.

The future of the WRX nameplate remains at best. It was rumored to offer a next-generation model in 2019, though nothing concrete has emerged to suggest the production version will go ahead.

Subaru Viziv Performance STI Concept