Now every year automakers bring updates, facelifts and next generations in some duration, and we may like it more than its last generation. Automakers invest more time to redesign and refine for improvements and bring new generation model in the market, but it doesn’t mean that previous generation model is outdated and not worth to get it.

Previous generation cars might not be equipped with modern technologies and comforts but there are many models which are still worth attention and might be better than latest generation.

Here are 3 old generation cars which were packed with power and they got updated models, but we still love them because they were advanced in its times and brought something special than current models.

Fifth Generation Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

Photo by Benoit cars on / CC BY-SA

Chevrolet has stopped production of Camaro after the fourth generation in 2002 but in 2010 it received the complete redesign updates when it relaunched in the fifth generation. It was introduced first time in 2006 as the concept car but in 2008 Chevrolet started the production of 5th generation and officially launched in 2010.

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Recently Chevy introduced 2019 Camaro with some design updates, but it got lots of critics and lot of people didn’t like it because it is not anymore looking muscle car. But 5th Gen Camaro represented the true muscle car and it got popularity again among people with the appearance in “Transformers” movie. In 2007, two years ago when Camaro was going to sell, Transformers movie made Camaro a star again, Chevy made a concept model and it was used in the movie.

This Camaro looking like strong competitor even these days and it is good as well new cars. This Camaro got 6.2 liters LS3/L99 V8 engine to generate 426 horsepower with manual transmission option while the sixth generation has 455 horsepower. But less power doesn’t mean 5th gen is now not worth. This generation Camaro is maybe the last generation which has truly American Muscle car design, its design presented it as a true muscle car and probably it won’t be same again.

First Generation Audi R8

Audi R8

Photo by Alexandre Prévot on / CC BY-SA

Current generation R8 is obviously beautiful but original Audi R8 was most exciting Audi at that time. The first generation R8 was ahead of time, looking way more exotic than its competitors still looks better than the current model. And another reason for this supercar was truly amazing that it was starting at a lower price tag than its main rivals Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Gallardo, while it shared the platform with Gallardo, but R8 had more exotic design and great road presence.

Original R8 debuted with 4.2 liter V8engine which was producing 420 horsepower but later it got 510 horsepower 5.2 liter V10 engine from Lamborghini. For getting more power there are many turbo kits available for it to make it more devilish. Its sideblades and grills have appealing curves and design which is its strength to appeal any average person or car guy. But in next generation, it got hard curves.

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This First generation R8 is beyond the shadow of a doubt will become the future classic. Latest R8 is doing well for Audi but original R8 still has charm and you will easily find it under US$100,000 for sale.

BMW M5 E60

BMW E60 M5

Photo by hans-johnson on / CC BY-ND

BMW E60 M5 is a sexy chick, Oh! it has “M” badge so yes it is wild too. But would like to call it “Mafioso thing” because mafias and gangsters love this car. E60 M5 is the prodigy of 2000’s decade because no one ever thought that there would come 4-door sedan with 507 horsepower with V10 and can do 321 km/h (200 mph). Whatever it is from the last decade but it is greatest BMW M car so far.

E60 M5 is now two generation old but it took BMW’s greatest engine and screaming like F1 car on the public roads. Simply, it is one of the most beautiful sedans and real beast. Another special thing about E60 M5 is that it was the most successful M5 ever produced. Latest generation F90 M5 is obviously sleek and beautiful masterpiece but can you think it is wild as E60? probably nope.

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E60 is the BMW’s heritage thing and it is beloved by the car enthusiasts. It is only BMW M machine received naturally aspirated V10 engine under the hood and it makes peaking torque. And this incredible engine makes noise and it is completely feeling substantial driving. Like first generation Audi R8, E60 M5 is already made a position future classics list.