We all are worried about the environment and that is the reason, the auto industry is going to the hybrid and electric cars. Mostly auto manufacturer will launch EVs in 2018 or 2019.

But we can see nowadays, there are many electric cars on the market but many EVs are looking ugly or have edges on all over the body. That edges maybe give futuristic shape to the car, but people don’t like that edgy design on the car, except BMW i8. Obviously, EV giant Tesla’s cars are looking sleek without that so many edges and other manufacturers should be learned something from that designs.

Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity Electric

There are also traditionally fueled cars have EV version like VW e-Golf, Ford Focus Electric, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Soul, Fiat 500 and list goes on. Many Merc, BMW and Audi are in the electric version, but that EV version looks simple (mostly in terms of their grill and wheels) are looking basic or not so attractive like their gasoline-powered version. But new Jaguar I-Pace, BMW i8, Honda EV concept are the exception and really beautiful.

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What are excuses or reasons for ugly electric cars?

Most EVs are looking ugly is this by accident or coincidence? Or companies have bad designers or maybe companies paying low wages?

Or oil industry wants that and won’t make them popular?

People are saying that auto companies don’t want to sell more EVs because they are least profitable for them. They can make sexy electric vehicles but with an ugly design, they don’t want that people buy more EVs. Their vision is not to sell it in mass. Maybe You like or don’t like Tesla cars’ design but it seems Tesla only cares about their vehicle’s design.

Another reason is ‘Aerodynamics’. these cars are for efficiency, not for fun or aesthetics. Big grills, Large backside, Wide wheels are poor for good aerodynamics. If EV lacks good Aerodynamics, then it doesn’t have a long range of running. The same aerodynamics and rolling resistance concerns fed into early adopters who were explicitly looking at the differentiation of highest mileage.

If really designed by engineers these cars instead of companies designed them, then it is understandable that they want them to be extremely optimized aerodynamically, styling is damned. Or said eccentric engineers want to make them ‘futuristic’ without regard for what people actually see as beautiful, sexy or cool car. For a good Aerodynamics and efficiency, they designed an edgy design(which looks ultra futuristic and sometimes ugly, too).

Maybe, EVs are not for the selling point, but it is all about price, charging time, efficiency. That’s why electric cars have somewhat similar aerodynamic looks, have so many edges on their exterior body and it doesn’t look good at all.

Electric cars are future and nowadays we have unattractive EVs, but at least we can hope that in future EVs will become more beautiful without any compromise of its efficiency. And yes, some beautiful EVs are coming soon!!!