If you are a fanboy or not, but you can’t ignore the Nissan GT-R. 2018 GT-R got a price hike but it is still cheap from many supercars and conquering ’em on the track and road.

Nissan recently launched 2018 Nissan GT-R in Hong Kong. Nissan loves Hong Kong’s GT-R fans for them Nissan released an ad-video. This video is actually tribute for fans of GT-R who are living in Hong Kong.

In this video, it showing Skyline R33, R33 and GT-R. One young boy with his friends saw Skyline R33 and chasing it in the street and in last a man appreciating his R35. Actually, that man is that young boy who achieved his dream car.

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You like GT-R or not but this video will surely touch your heart, bet.